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// Reality as an assemblage of the unconscious desires of your inner self … //

It is safe to say that in this moment, there are several layers of multiple realities coalescing into the present. That being said, I would like to touch briefly on the notion of one’s karma as an unconscious construct. This month — in fact, this year; this lifetime; this existence — has been frequent and rich with difficult lessons, the most recent having been that of extreme material loss. Though I would say I am one who is not attached to material things, I would be lying if I said I can live fully and completely while attached from society. Not 100% of the time. Try as I might, severed appendages need the help of a doctor — prayer and meditation could not heal my wounds, at least not for free. Most recently, a family member put me in a dangerous and ultimately costly situation. You could also say I put myself in the situation. With all the turmoil, and in relaying it to a friend, I came across the following question:

"What you really need to ask yourself, is why you manifested these lessons in the first place."

Self shelf

Self shelf

My name is Kevin -- I use this digital facade to unveil and explore the apocalyptic and subliminal stimuli that drive my creativity.